Community orchard: Residents of Rockness wanted to create an orchard with a space for community gatherings. I was commisioned to produce an illustration to help with grant applications and community consultation.
Public Open Space:  Gloucester City Council secured funding for a combined pedestrian/cycle path through a new public open space within a new housing development.  I worked with Gloucester City Council's engineers to design and contract manage the project.  The area is a tiny remnant of a three field crop system and we commisioned an artist to produce decorative railings and oak seats which took their inspiration from the ridges and furrows still evident across the site.
Urban wetland: Plock Court is an area of public open space that used to be maintained as a rugby pitch but was waterlogged and frequently flooded,  As part of a wider flood defence scheme Gloucester City Council wanted to cretae a wildflower meadow and wetland scrapes.  I worked with the council's civil engineer to design and project manage the scheme, transforming it into a beautiful urban wetland.
Flood Defence:  The Environment Agency carried out bank raising and channel widening to improve the capacity of Daniels Brook flood relief channel.  Many trees and shrubs had to be removed and new planting was carried out to mitigate the losses.  I worked with the Environment Agency's ecologist and engineers to maximise the ecological and recreational gains.