About me:
I graduated as a Landscape Architect in 1993, completing the full Permaculture Association design course in 1990.  During this time I have learned how sustainable food production offers potential solutions to many of the problems we are facing in climate, soil degradation and nutrition. 
My practice as a Landscape Architect since graduating has included: designing community spaces for local authorities; wildlife friendly and productive private gardens that combine food production with strong aesthetics; and integrating permaculture principles as much as possible. 
Throughout this time I have developed a growing portfolio of illustrative and graphic work for a various clients, ranging from interpretation panels, invesment proposals, maps, genius loci visualisations, food packaging and book illustrations.
For the last few years I have also been developing  a smallholding with my husband. Chickens integrated with agroforestry orchards, meadows and allotments,  aiming to sequester carbon, support biodiversity, produce abundant, nutritious food, in harmony with nature. 
         Illustration and exhibitions:
1993 Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill -  Exhibition of storm water management using reed beds
1993 Caoley Mill - exhibition about hydro power commissioned by Ossie Goring
1994 New View of the Horsley Valley - exhibition at Ruskin Mill for the Nailsworth festival, showing future development for a fish farm and wooded valley
1994 Permaculture Magazine - illustration for article about small garden permaculture
1995 Resurgence Magazine – illustration for an article about wholistic water management
1996 Ruskin Mill Trust – The Woodland Year Calendar
1997 -The Genius Loci of the Stroud Valleys – an exhibition at Ruskin Mill showing the changes to the landscape since the Neolithic age ​​​​​​​
1997 - Jane Fearnley-whittingstall – illustrations for a book ‘Gardening Made Easy’   
1998 The Hiram Trust - bread making interpretation poster

2007 Ruskin Mill Trust -Market Garden Year
2010 National Trust – climate change research and commissioning of a fine artist for an exhibition ‘A Plant in Time’
2011 and 2015 Gloucester City Council – interpretation boards for Sustainable Urban Drainage
2013 J bodi natturunnas – Illustration for an article about Permaculture
2016 South Gloucestershire Council – illustration for The Forgotten Landscapes project
2019 Oakbrook Farm - birds eye view of the community land trust farm for the launch of a community share offer
2021 Oakbrook Farm Haven - leaflet for walk from Stroud, part of the Nature Play Days
2021 Apricot Centre - large magnetic map to locate where children are when visiting the farm
2021 Hawthorn Press – illustration for a book  - Designing Regenerative Food Systems